About Us

Turkey, to shine like a star in sustainable energy...

Our Story

Having started producing renewable energy and renewable energy technologies that emerged as a product of the dream to bequeath a healthy world to the next generations and the belief in renewable energy, Kalyon PV is the biggest investment and the keenest move on this subject in Turkey so far.

Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory, without any peer in Turkey and in the Middle East, and Karapınar Solar Power Plant, the biggest in Turkey with 1 GW installed capacity, both pioneer our country’s strong presence in sustainable energy.

With 100,000 square meters of indoor space, Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory adds value to the life and power to the economy as one of the most significant hi-tech industrial premises of our country. This matchless factory was established with the target to produce fully domestic solar panels and it employs 1,400 people. It also stands out as the world’s first and only plant that brings all four stages of solar panel production - the first application in Turkey - under a single roof.

3.5 million solar panels to be produced in this factory that has the capacity to produce 500 MW solar panels will be used in Karapınar Solar Power Plant. After that, the factory will provide domestic solutions to other power plant projects in Turkey while it will also focus on exports with new technologies it will develop.

Karapınar Solar Power Plant which is targeted to be completed within 2.5 years will raise Turkey’s solar power capacity from about 7,000 MW to 8,000 MW. When completed, the factory and the plant will ensure a currency substitution of 345 million dollars per annum.

With our domestic and national energy, we are proud to contribute our country economically today and ecologically tomorrow. With the inauguration of our power plant only, we will prevent 1.5 million tons of fossil wastes and carbon emissions. We will work incessantly for a future where we stop fossil wastes and carbon emissions, through a more efficient use of solar power in our lives, and we will continue producing new technologies.

We keep on working for tomorrow with the determination, motivation and energy needed to build a better future for future generations.

Chairman’s Message

We are targeting to contribute in our country’s economy in an environmentally conscious manner.

At Kalyon Holding, we have a full belief that, thanks to our awareness of our responsibilities not only for our country but also for our planet, we will go beyond a mere commercial enterprise with our sustainable energy investments and thus also fulfill our responsibilities for our future.

We have placed a great importance on technology, innovation and design in all fields of our operation since the very first day. Today, we are bringing to life our Kalyon PV brand by using our achievements in these fields, and we are targeting to contribute in our country’s economy in an environmentally conscious manner.

Kalyon Solar Power Technologies Factory and Karapınar Solar Power Plant are forward-looking steps that transcend the day to embrace tomorrow. They will be the most notable bequest and presents of Kalyon Holding for future generations.

Aside from being an advanced technology base, we have organized our factory also as a technology-developing premises. The factory will have an R&D Center with engineers who will develop new technologies in collaborations with universities and research centers. New projects will be developed on renewable energy resources all for a better world. With our R&D works in particular, we are targeting to make our country and our Kalyon brand a key global player on solar panel technologies.

On this road we set out saying “national energy, strong future”, I wish that our project brings abundance and welfare to a clean world.


How Did We Become A Producer in Solar Energy Technology?

National and domestic energy policy was launched under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

In 2017, initial works for the founding of Konya Karapınar Solar Power Plant were started as part of YEKA project under guidance of Berat Albayrak, Energy and Natural Resources Minister of the time.

It was decided that the ingot production, which is the crucial threshold in solar panel production, be made in Turkey.

The ground was broken at Başkent Organized Industrial Zone in 2017 for the world’s first integrated solar panel factory under a single roof.

An R&D Center employing 100 engineers was established in the factory to make it a technology base as well.