Pioneering rather than following in photovoltaic solar energy technologies...

The intention of the Kalyon PV R&D department, consisting of a research team of 100 people, is to carry out research and development activities on photovoltaic solar energy and to produce new technologies with the knowledge and experience of its team of experts.


An R&D team of 100 members


2.500 m² of indoor space

The R&D center is built on an indoor space of 2,500 m² within the Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory with offices and clean room laboratories and it has also a 5,000 m² outdoor testing platform. The R&D center is currently carrying out activities such as N-type crystalline silicon growth and cell development in particular; and studies on high efficiency PV cell and module, field performance and energy production enhancement, battery energy storage systems, smart factory, self-learning systems and automation. R&D studies are also performed on advanced characterization techniques, innovative and niche technologies (Perovskite Silicon Tandem). Together with Hasan Kalyoncu University, we are making R&D partnerships with pioneering local and global organizations for establishing structure that also enhances the local sub-industry and raw material supply chain.