Solar Power Plant

The energy to heal the nature will be produced in Karapınar, Konya, Turkey. strong

Kalyon PV solar power plant will be set up on approximately 20 million square meters of land in Konya’s Karapınar district.


Million Tons
We will prevent 1.5 million tons of annual fossil waste and carbon emissions.


Million People
We will meet the annual electric energy needs of 2 million people with a single plant.

The installation and commissioning of 3.5 million panels will be carried out for approximately 36 months starting from August 2020. When the project will be completed, the energy equivalent to the 1 week need of a city with a population of 50,000 will begin to be produced in just 1 hour. In other words, this facility alone will meet the annual electrical energy needs of approximately 2 million people. In addition, 1.5 million tons of fossil waste and carbon emissions will be prevented.


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